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Having a 2nd 100k mile service completed on my automotive (honda accord lx) because it hit the 250k mark this month! any ideas for automobiles as outdated as mine? have a buddy mechanic do all my work for me and he prices reduced costs since he closed his shop and works from residence now 🙂 wanna see if I am lacking something crucial, could be good to drive my automobile another 100k!!

I am starting to see a very eggy sample right here. Apart from its legendary physique design, the Ford Pinto was most famously identified for its rear-mounted gasoline tank which was identified to catch hearth inside the case of a rear collision. Aside from this horrible security flaw the Ford Pinto was obtainable in quite a lot of awesome 70’s colours drawn from a palette of condiments: Mustard Yellow (as seen within the pic above) Expired Relish Inexperienced, Sunbaked Ketchup, and naturally Dijon Brown.

Along with your Google Assistant on Android Auto, you probably can preserve your eyes on the freeway and your palms on the wheel whereas using your voice that will help you along along with your day. Merely say, Ok Google,” or in suitable cars, lengthy press the voice administration button in your steering wheel. Must you suppose the windshield is leaking, attempt utilizing a grand hose at low motion just over the windshield gasket the place you discover the leak, however do not let the water close to the sunroof gasket. Let me understand how you make out, thanks. Some leaks into the passenger compartment occur when it hasn’t even been raining; they involve fluids created by the auto’s cooling or heating programs.

Wow, 250,000 miles!? That’s quite a feet – it’s unusual to see a automotive on the street recently with that many miles. Thankfully, Honda’s are very dependable and in case you’ve got carried out all the required maintenance up until this point you stand a superb likelihood of driving even longer.

This dialog mustn’t ultimate very lengthy but will provide you with a few minutes to actually feel your buyer out. If there’s a few, try and work out which one could be the mouthpiece (the one who will in all probability reply your questions), however certainly not ignore anybody in the group as you in no way know what kind of affect every explicit person has over the client.